18 thoughts on “Which is your favourite Julia Donaldson book?

  1. I love all the books wrote by Julia Donaldson and especially like the ones illustrated by Axel Scheffler. If I really had to choose one book it would be….’The Stick Man’ because I enjoyed following his adventures through the story until he eventually made it home safe to his Stick Family!!!

  2. Hello Foundation Two,
    I hope you are looking forward to reading Stories by Julia Donaldson.
    I have really enjoyed reading her books over the holidays to try and decide which stories to share with the Foundation One Children.
    We are going to be reading; Share a Shell and Tiddler (the story telling fish) in our first couple of weeks. These are both lovely stories about sharing and friendship.
    We are also going to be reading The Princess and the Wizard and The Magic Paintbrush.
    I am looking forward to seeing all of the exciting things you do in Foundation Two – maybe you could come and tell the children in Foundation One about the stories you read?

  3. My favourite book is The Room on the Broom because it makes me laugh when she can’t find her wand because she drops it in the pond.

  4. Hi,
    Its Olivea Deakin i think all of Julia Donaldson books are amazing especially the ones illustratored by Axel Scheffler, i have to say that i have two favourites Tabby Mctat and Stick man.

  5. my favourite julia donaldson book is room on the broom because the witch picks people up and flies around until the broom snaps

  6. Neves favourite book by Julia Donaldson is ‘Room on a Broom’, she likes this storey as it has a witch and a cat in it and she says that they are both very funny, Neve says the pictures of the witch and cat are very nice as well.

  7. My favourite Julia Donaldson book is The Gruffalos’ Child. I like it when the mouse tricks the gruffalos child into thinking there is a giant mouse.

  8. My favourite book is the smartest giant in town, But i like it when my Daddy does the grufflao at bedtime because he does funny voices.

  9. My favourite book is The Highway Rat. I like it because when the rat takes all the food and eats it, he gets belly ache, which kinda serves him right!! i also like the rats rhymes.

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