Seasonal Home-Learning

We all have a favourite season, whether it be Spring and watching the flowers grow, Summer and playing at the beach, Autumn and watching leaves fall off the tree’s or Winter and having fun in the snow.

We want to know which season is your favourite and why?

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15 thoughts on “Seasonal Home-Learning

  1. My favourite season is Summer. I love the warm sunshine, trips to the beach, walks in the park and 6 weeks off school!
    I like to eat ice-cream, drink a cold glass of lager and paddle in the pool in the garden!
    My least favourite season is Winter. I don’t like the dark mornings and freezing weather especially scraping the windscreen in the morning before I come to school!
    I do like abit of snow but not too much.
    Mrs Deakin

  2. my favrt seezn is summer becoz
    i like the sun
    i like going in my padling pool
    i like going to the beach and bilding sandcasls
    i like going in the sea
    i like playing in the sun

  3. My favourite season is summer. I like summer because its sunny and nice and warm. I like to play football in the garden. I can wear my shorts and have no top on as long as my mummy has put me some suntan lotion on. If it is really sunny i need to wear my sunglasses and we have the paddling pool out. I like to eat ice cream but I eat ice cream no matter what time of the year it is, even in winter when its cold.
    Jack Chester

  4. I like spring, the best season of all because the flowers start to grow, I like the different colours of the flowers my favourite one is a yellow sunflower. I like them because they are so pretty, and sometimes i like to smell the flowers, they do sometimes make me sneeze ! in the spring time i am going to pick some beautiul flowers for my mummy and baby sister who is going to be born in spring I also like the little baby lambs and chickens that are born in spring they are called little chicks!!

  5. My favourite season is Winter because i love the snow and i like wearing my hat, gloves and scarf, being wrapped up all warm and snug outside so i can walk in my wellies and build a snowman.

  6. Oakleys favourite seasons is summer he loves to get the paddling pool outand squirt everyone with his water gun,have picnics on the garden, go bike riding in clumber park and feed the ducks. His little sister is called Summer.

  7. Thank you for your replies.

    I am really looking forward to learning about Spring and have had some fantastic ideas from your homwork which I have put into our planning. We will be learning about plants, animals, the weather, seasons and outdoor survival.

    My favourite season though is Summer (when it isn’t raining).
    I enjoy going to the seaside with my family, long walks around Langold lake and bbqs in the evenings.
    My birthday is in the summer aswel.

  8. My favourite season is winter because i love to play in the snow and make really big snow balls. I also like to make a snow man. I also have a sledge which i like to ride on, down big hills, and sometimes my mum sits on it with me, its lots of fun and makes me laugh.

  9. I like winter best. I like it because it snows and it is Christmas and Santa brings me presents! It is my birthday in winter too.

  10. I like summer and winter, summer is good because I can play outside and ride my scooter, but winter is good because I can play in the snow and we get Christmas.

  11. My favourite season is summer. I like summer because i can play in the garden all day on my swing and slide. I can also have picnics with my Dora The Explorer tea set and on really hot days I can play in my paddling pool.

  12. I like Winter the best because i can play in the snow making footprints and i like building a big snowman. One year at my Nan Nan, Mummy, Daddy and I built a big dragon. I will bring a photograph of this in to school to show my friends and teachers.


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