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  1. My favourite books are The Twits, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    I love The Twits just because they are so disguisting……….I love George’s Marvellous Medicine because I used to make lots of potions when I was a child – although never fed them to my grandma!
    I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just because I would like to visit a factory where you could eat everything and I love chocolate!!!!

    Mrs Deakin

  2. my favorite book has to be the bfg. i went to gardeners world last sat with Mrs cardwell and there was a garden done by a primary school on the theme Georges marvelous medicine .

  3. Hello F2,

    I used to love Roald Dahl books and my favourites were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Esio Trot (I really liked that it was all backwards).

    If I had to choose one I’d probably say Fantastic Mr. Fox was my favourite though! Mrs Bellingham likes Danny Champion of the World the most.

    Have fun reading them!

    Mr Bellingham

  4. I like The Twits because Mr Twits has lots of different things hiding in his beard and when Mrs Twit put her glass eye in Mr Twits drink.

  5. my favourite roald dahl book is charlie and the chocolate factory, i like charlie.
    i also like the umpa lumpas, they are secret workers in willy wonkers factory and i like it when they sing umpa lumpa dippity do it makes me laugh.

  6. My favourite Roald Dahl book is Charlie and the Chocolate factory, I like it because I like chocolate very much because it is nice for my pudding after my tea.


  7. Hello F2!
    When I was growing up I used to love reading all the Roald Dahl books. It was very tricky for me to try to think of a favourite, but I have chosen The Twits because they are mean people and they get what they deserve at the end! I also liked ‘Boy’ which is the true stories of what Roald Dahl got up to when he was school and what he did growing up. I think there is a Roald Dahl book for everyone, and am sure you will love reading them!

  8. My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because i would like to be able to find a golden ticket and visit a chocolate factory with my family. My mummy’s favourite book is the BFG as she loves reading all about him and his travels.

  9. My favourite book is The Twits ,my favourite bits are when the monkeys tell the birds what to do and when everything is stuck on the ceiling.
    I also like Fantastic Mr Fox because he has great plans

    Ruby Williams

  10. My favourite Roald Dahl book is Fantastic My Fox because the machines try and dig out Mr Fox but they can’t manage. It is very funny. I have the story C.D to go with it.

  11. I like charlie and the chocolate factory the best, I like it because charlie gets the golden ticket and he was the last person left.

  12. My favourite Roald Dahl book is George’s Marvellous Medicine. I like the end when they shrink grandma. I also like Charlie and the Chocolate factory because they get five golden tickets.

  13. my favourite book is charlie and the chocolate factory as it has a golden ticket in it and also lots and lots of chocolate.

    taya wilkinson.

  14. the book i like the best is mr fox. I like it because the bad guys try to get him but he is to clever for them. Its very funny and i like to watch the dvd.

  15. My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because Willy Wonka makes lots of chocolate bars & Violet turns into a blueberry!

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