The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

We have been reading this wonderful story this week. In the story the naughty seagulls steal Mr Grinling’s lunch so Mrs Grinling decides to teach the seagulls a lesson by making them mustard sandwiches.

We asked the children how they would get rid of the seagulls and these are some of their ideas;

Neeve Brown says ‘I would make bird pie out of the seagulls’

Poppy says ‘I would get a gun and shoot them’

Joshua and Maddox say ‘we would throw chips at the seagulls’

Leland says ‘I would pour honey in the bottom of the basket and that would stick their feet solid’

Travis says ‘I would catch them in a bag’

Andrew says ‘I would cover the basket with a blanket and put fish on the top so they ate them instead of Mr Grinling’s lunch!’

13 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

  1. Mrs Deakin says ‘I am very frightened of birds and do not like seagulls at all… I would follow in Mrs Grinling’s footsteps and make them either a peanut butter sandwich or a marmite sandwich (because I don’t like either or them!).

  2. Jaimie says she would catch the seagulls in a big net, put them in a cage and then put them in a bird pie!!!

  3. I would get rid of the pesky seagulls by putting something tasty on top of the blanket so they couldn’t get at the real lunch. I would put super glue on the blanket to stick their beaks to.

  4. I would put some fish & a sandwich on top then they would eat it & think it was his lunch then fly away.

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