The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

We have been reading this wonderful story this week. In the story the naughty seagulls steal Mr Grinling’s lunch so Mrs Grinling decides to teach the seagulls a lesson by making them mustard sandwiches.

We asked the children how they would get rid of the seagulls and these are some of their ideas;

Neeve Brown says ‘I would make bird pie out of the seagulls’

Poppy says ‘I would get a gun and shoot them’

Joshua and Maddox say ‘we would throw chips at the seagulls’

Leland says ‘I would pour honey in the bottom of the basket and that would stick their feet solid’

Travis says ‘I would catch them in a bag’

Andrew says ‘I would cover the basket with a blanket and put fish on the top so they ate them instead of Mr Grinling’s lunch!’

Worksop Guardian – Best in School Awards

Worksop Guardian’s – Best in School Awards

Last year our school won the award for the best nursery school in Worksop – lets make it two years on the trot!

Please take the time to nominate your favourite in the following categories;

Best lunch person

Best teaching assistant

Best headteacher

Best teacher

Best green school

Best school

Best sports team

Best nursery

You can vote by email to or by telephoning 01909 500500.